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Burial Package

Funeral director and staff, funeral and viewing, mortuary chaplain, embalming, other preparations of the deceased, dressing of deceased, pick-up of deceased, hearse, 2 limousines, 4 funeral escorts, 200 programs, 50 acknowledgement cards, memorial  slideshow 4 DVD's, 4piece flower set, Standard(18) gauge casket up to 10 Colors, musical of singer and piano player, 4 death certificates, customized register book, picture, rug of loved one, release of doves, horse and carriage.                                             

Funeral director and staff, hearse, 2 limousines, 2 funeral escorts, 150 programs, basic register book, 2piece flowers casket sold separately.

Funeral director and staff, deceased pick-up, embalming and dressing of deceased.


Direct Cremation

Includes picking up deceased and cremation

Cremation Package                                                                            

Funeral director and staff, deceased pick-up, embalming and dressing of decease. 

Funeral director and staff, embalming, preparations of deceased, dressing of deceased, mortuary chaplain, viewing and funeral, rental casket, 3piece flowers, 150 programs, 25 acknowledgement cards, customized register book, memory rug of loved one, hearse, 2 limousines.

Direct cremation

  • Pick-up of deceased
  • 2 limousines
  • Basic register book
  • Mortuary Chaplain
  • 150 Programs

Additional Information

Storage is $75 a day after the third day of storage. Fee may be waived due to selective package.

  •  Cloth covered caskets
  •  Traditional caskets
  •  Seal proof caskets
  •  Designer caskets

 Caskets ranging $1,000 and up.

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